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Combining industry-leading brands, tools, and in-depth auto shopper insights with the largest, most diverse automotive audience, Hearst Autos delivers performance-driven marketing solutions at every stage of consideration.

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Bringing the automobile and its passionate culture roaring to life


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Hearst Autos

Nick Matarazzo

President, Hearst Autos

Eddie Alterman

Chief Content Officer, Hearst Autos

James Tom

SVP, Dealer Network, & Enterprise Sales, Hearst Autos

Ryan Mannion

Chief Technology Officer, Hearst Autos

Josh Searcy

VP, Product Development, Hearst Autos

Miranda Troy

Human Resources Director, Hearst Autos


Car and Driver

Eddie Alterman

Vice President & Editor in Chief, Car and Driver

Felix Difilippo

Publisher & Chief Revenue Officer, Car and Driver

Cameron Albergo

National Advertising Director, Car and Driver


Jumpstart Automotive Media

Nick Matarazzo

CEO, Jumpstart Automotive Media

Choon Choi

Chief Strategy Officer, Jumpstart Automotive Media

Francois Thery

Senior Vice President of Finance, HR, & Administration, Jumpstart Automotive Media

Jason "JK" Koenigsknecht

Vice President, National Sales, Jumpstart Automotive Media

James Tom

Senior Vice President, Dealer Network, & Enterprise Sales, Jumpstart Automotive Media

Brian Ledoux

Senior Vice President of Revenue Operations, Jumpstart Automotive Media

Libby Murad-Patel

Vice President, Strategic Insights & Analytics, Jumpstart Automotive Media

Armen Abrahamian

Vice President, Technology, Jumpstart Automotive Media

Genevieve Brown

Human Resources Director, Jumpstart Automotive Media


Road & Track

Kim Wolfkill

Editor in Chief, Road & Track

Felix Difilippo

Publisher & Chief Revenue Officer, Road & Track

Cameron Albergo

National Advertising Director, Road & Track