Mobile Banner

MOBILE 320x50

Mobile Banner Desktop Wireframe Image

Deliverables & Specifications

Initial Load Max 50K
User-initiated Load Unlimited
Max time | loops allowed Animation = 5 sec per loop
Loops = up to 3 times
Video Video is not allowed
Static | Rich Media Site (Static) or Third-Party (RM)

Hearst Autos Ad Specifications comply with IAB Display & Mobile Advertising Creative Format guidelines

Creatives that don't adhere to spec are not subject to viewability measurement

Technical Requirements
Hot Spot Limitations 40%
Host-initiated File Requests 15 file requests max during initial file load and host-initiated sub-loads. Host-initiated file requests only available for expansion units.
User-initiated File Requests Unlimited
SSL Compliance All creative tags and accompanying technologies served by tags must be SSL Compliant (HTTPS)
Shared Libraries

Shared libraries are exempt from the ad's file weight calculation. Shared library and their sources must be approved before exemption consideration.


All DCM tags must Include internal redirect (INRED) tags along with the Javascript and iFrame tags

All non-DCM mobile specific third-party tags must be MRAID enabled

Border 1 pixel black border on all banners
Backup Image Static | max 50K GIF | PNG | JPG
Audio & Video Initiated on click or tap | pause/stop function clearly visible. Video not allowed for this unit.


ASSET DELIVERY 10 business days prior to campaign launch.
Hearst Autos will charge client for missed delivery of reserved inventory due to late or out-of-spec creative.
AD SERVER Site (Static) or Third Party (RM)