Brand VOD

Fluid - Assumes Content Width x Height Needed
16:9 Video Ratio

Brand VOD Desktop Wireframe Image

Deliverables & Specifications

VIDEO Format: YouTube URL or mp4 file (H.264)
Length: Max 5 min
HEADLINE Max 35 characters w/spaces
TEXT Max 250 characters w/spaces
CTA Max 25 characters w/spaces

Click Trackers
1. Headline
2. CTA
(may be the same for both if desired)
ASSET DELIVERY 15 business days prior to campaign launch
NOTES Hearst Autos will manually inspect and approve all content submissions prior to launching a campaign to ensure that the content is appropriate and conforms to our specifications

Hearst Autos will charge client for missed delivery of reserved inventory due to late or out-of-spec creative

Not subject to viewability measurement


IMAGES Deliver PSD, Ai & other image files in retina sizes (2x the outlined spec) e.g. 600x500 > 640x960 should be submitted for 300x250 > 320x480 expand units

We support PNG, GIF, and JPG image files; We convert PSD and TIFF files for development

Use PNG files for transparency and animations (animations in PSD files should be in transparent layers)

Reformat your TIFF files before submission (charges may apply)
VIDEO Please clip the bumpers off your videos and follow the appropriate H.264 video compression and pixels width dependent on device (.mp4 is best)